Federal advisory committees

Advisory committees are created by statute to provide advice and recommendations to SBA.


Advisory committees are groups created by statute. The President or agency heads provide advice and recommendations to relevant government agencies. Statutes or presidential directives can create exceptions to this general rule. There are five primary sources of authority for SBA's advisory committees:

  • The Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA)
  • The General Services Administration regulations implementing FACA
  • The Small Business Act
  • Standard operating procedures
  • The advisory committees' charters

To determine their scope and duties, SBA officials consider the committee's charter. Advisory committees may not act in ways inconsistent with their charters.

SBA advisory committees

Advisory committees take two forms. Advisory committees created by statute or the President are “non-discretionary.” Advisory committees created by an agency head are “discretionary.”

SBA's non-discretionary advisory committees are:

SBA's discretionary committees are:

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Last updated May 23, 2023