Mitigation assistance

Help protect your home or business against future disasters. Rebuilding stronger is within reach.


About mitigation assistance

SBA offers low-interest disaster loans to homeowners and small businesses impacted by declared natural and other disasters. Eligible SBA disaster loan borrowers may choose to receive expanded funding to help mitigate their home or business against future disasters. SBA disaster loans can be increased up to 20% to make building upgrades.

Whether you’re recovering from a declared disaster or planning ahead and thinking about how to protect your home and family, business, and employees, mitigation assistance not only helps you rebuild and get back to business, but the money can also be used to make property improvements that eliminate future damage or save lives.

SBA approval of mitigating measures is required before any loan increase can be made. There is no cost to apply, and you are under no obligation to accept a loan if approved.

Even simple things can strengthen your home or business today to avoid damage and unplanned costs in the future.

Consider these projects

Wind mitigation

Upgrade to building materials that can reduce high-wind damage to your roof and windows:

  • Strengthen structures to protect against high wind damage.
  • Brace or upgrade to wind-rated garage doors.
  • Upgrade to pressure-rated windows.
  • Install hurricane roof straps.
  • Install a safe room or storm shelter built to Federal Emergency Management Agency guidelines.

Flood mitigation

Shore up your property and reduce the risk of flood damage:

  • Seal a roof deck.
  • Landscape your property to improve water runoff and drainage.
  • Elevate structures.
  • Relocate your home or business outside a flood plain
  • Add a sump pump.
  • Convert the lowest floor to a flexible space that is less likely to be damaged in a flood.

Wildfire mitigation

​​​​​Reduce your risk of damage from wildfires with fire-grade materials:

  • Install a Class A fire-rated roof.
  • Install 1/8” mesh screening over all vents to keep embers out of eaves and vents.
  • Install non-combustible gutters, fences, and gates.
  • Remove roof and gutter debris that can be ignited by airborne embers.
  • Replace single-pane windows with dual- or multi-pane tempered glass windows.

Earthquake mitigation

Safeguard your home or business against the next earthquake:

  • Strengthen and retrofit masonry buildings and concrete facilities that are vulnerable to ground shaking.
  • Install window film to prevent shattered glass injuries.
  • Anchor any rooftop-mounted equipment.

Hail mitigation

Upgrade your materials to protect against hail damage:

  • Install HVAC hail protection such as hail guards, shields, or wire mesh.
  • Upgrade to steel gutters and downspouts, which are less likely to leak.
  • Upgrade your building’s materials (for shingles, windows, skylights, and siding) to withstand significant impact.

How to apply

For additional information, call 800-659-2955 (TTY 7-1-1) or visit a Disaster Recovery Center near you and ask about increasing your SBA disaster loan for mitigation purposes.

Prepare for emergencies

You’ll want to take the right steps to prevent and prepare for disaster, and know where to get aid if disaster strikes.

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Last updated April 15, 2024